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My name is Jonah Madeya. Welcome to

Web Developer

Total time coded since Jan 10 2022

I work for me at
The Cool Agency in Los Angeles, California

I am a passionate web developer based in LA commited to create cool web stuff.

I like to design minimalist yet beautiful designs for optimal user experience.

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Top Web Developer in Hollywood Top Web Developer in Hollywood

I am a web developer with experience coding web applications and websites from the ground up, from setting up the server and its security to making sure that the final design looks pixel perfect and that it is optimized for SEO. I follow best practices for mobile usability, cross-browser compatibility and speed. Clients I have worked with range from e-commerce companies to home care agencies.

I have 7 years experience managing development, IT, and digital marketing for small businesses. I am a self-taught web developer who grew up in France but have lived and worked in Los Angeles for the past decade.


  • ▹ Javascript, PHP, SQL, Python, Liquid, TypeScript, XML, JSON, Bash.
  • ▹ React, Next, Hydrogen, React Native, Web3, Ethers, Infura, Alchemy and all things Shopify!
  • ▹ Linux (Ubuntu, Arch, Alpine), Apache, Nginx, MVC, Node, SQL, ntfs-3g, openssh, ufw, iptables, ca-certificates.
  • ▹ Git ❤️ Github automations, continuous integrations and deployment.
  • ▹ Experienced in SEO, and experienced in setting up/troubleshooting google tag manager/facebook pixels/twitter analytics, …
  • ▹ Fluent in English and French.
  • ▹ Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Google Sheets (advanced).
  • ▹ Conversational French and English.